Creating the new B2B Sales

"No more catalog, flyers, all your sales medium through a pair of glasses"

A solution for any sales occasion,
which one is yours


"Give showrooms the means to shine"

Showrooms are the best places to highlight products, this is why the visitors’ experience is crucial. Indeed, Discovery and interaction are the keywords. EEXAR creates and perfects this experience through Augmented Reality, whether the visitors are walking by themselves or with a guide, we make sure they access all the needed information about the products.

We focus on: AR visits & Enhanced discussion



"Make your spot the number one attraction"

Attracting people is a must for booths, and keeping their attention is the real challenge. At EEXAR, our idea goes through virtualization, we limit the use of traditional communication tools and focus on Active-Active models in which interaction comes first. Also, it allows to act on management costs which are important in such events.

We focus on: Virtual & Engaging Content

Field Sales

"Make the difference on the field"

The first impression is crucial, deliver innovative and engaging presentations anywhere at anytime by simply handing a pair of glasses. This is EEXAR’s solution, a simple and powerful way to use AR, we combine it with a Sales Tool to better manage the negotiation. Concerning content management, it is handled by an intuitive interface to update the entire sales medium fleet with one click.

We focus on: First Impression & Easy discussions

Field sales