From a student project to B2B Sales

Shanghai, China: September 18, 2019.

“Rocket&AR was a simple idea which came from a video game and fueled by sci-fi dreams, initially aiming to bring Augmented Reality into social media, we wanted to spread the technology.”, Romain Dessain-Gelinet, Co-founder & CEO.

“China was the best place to start, people are used to adopt new tech features quickly and the technologies are already widely spread, but the time we spent here taught us more than we could have imagine. After several discussions with companies set up here, we noticed an urgent need for transforming the way products are sold rather than the way they are marketed.” Nicolas Letendrie, Co-founder & Product Owner.

In B2B Sales, mediums did not evolve a lot for the last years, mostly driven by prints (paper catalogs, flyers, posters etc.) they rely on consequent time and resources spent in content creation as well as significant logistics issues. On top of this,  rating communication effectiveness remains very difficult and proving ROI is quite impossible.

We found a solution in Augmented Reality mixed with traditional technologies, we virtualize the sales content, paper catalogs become virtual, flyers & brochures become actual products in the virtual world, not only it attracts people’s attention, but it also enables data generation, and proving the impact of sales mediums is now possible.

With such a new vision comes a whole new identity, and this is why we created EEXAR. It represents the work of assembling new technologies and deliver it to the place it will benefit the most. People sharing the vision joined the team and try every day to come close to its achievement.

The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company’s website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. EEXAR’s new brand assets include a new, purple-and-white logo, along with a new website and other visual communications that utilize simple, bold graphics to convey complex solutions in an understandable way.

Contact info

Name: Romain Dessain-Gelinet, Co-founder & CEO
Organization: EEXAR
Company website:
Address: No. 208 Wending Road, Room A-520, Shanghai, China
Phone: +86 21 5291 1883

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